Introducing Nikan

Nikan Management LP endeavours to positively impact Indigenous communities through the establishment and operations of an Indigenous private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in the rail logistics, resource, and agricultural sectors. In addition to creating investment opportunities that deliver a high return, Nikan projects will also generate meaningful employment, skills training, and career opportunities for impact community members.

Our goals are ambitious, achieved through cooperation and partnership.

An Indigenous stake in rail and port logistics is long overdue and will help ensure the lands traversed by Canada’s rail system present opportunities for shared prosperity with the original peoples of these lands. Join us as we create and share Indigenous solutions for the vast network of rail lines, ports, and transloading facilities throughout western Canada, and the associated resource and agricultural sectors that move along with them. We believe Nikan can lead the way toward true social and economic reconciliation and help generate a better future for all the people who call these lands home. Please contact our team for more information.

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